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martedì 25 settembre 2007

Learning a foreign language by eTandem

Inauguriamo l'angolo di Puntino.
puntino è un mio amico che vuole seriamente migliorare il suo inglese.
per raggiungere questo obiettivo, scrive le mail in inglese, si guarda i film in Inglese,
si è cercato degli amici di penna in Inglese.
L'angolo di puntino è dedicato a post in Inglese scritti da lui...o anche da me (forse...=) ).

Buona Lettura :)
p.s. Aviatore sopra il mare da oggi avrà anche una versione Inglese, Aviator upon the sea

Learning a foreign language by eTandem

How many times have you wondered where can I find a mother tongue?

Certainly you can learn a new language at private school
but it's expensive and time could be tricky.
If you have a bilingual friend, you are very lucky
because without paying while enjoying yourself you
can learn a new language,
but if you have an Internet
connection... you are lucky too!
Indeed you can join the eTandem community in which you
will find other people, like you, interested in learning a foreign language.
How does it work?
Suppose you are Greek native (so you can teach Greek)
and want to learn Swedish, by joining eTandem, you could find someone who
is a native Swedish speaker and interested in Greek.
Then by helping one another you'll learn the foreign language.
Moreover it is an opportunity to know someone who lives in another country
with traditions and background different than yours.
To achieve this, first, you have to sign up at the eTandem Project,
and fill out your profile (name, language you want to learn, language you can teach, etc.)
The eTandem system will match as best as possibile your profiles with other members
and establish a contact (by email) between you and your partner.
About one month after my registration, I have been communicating with my English partner for 7 days with email,
and we'll start as soon as possible chatting and speaking...

For more details:

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